ME-Shifter F1, Electronic Shifting System

You keep on trying improving your laptimes but don´t succeed ? Excellent track conditions, new smooth tyres and even excellent driving don´t change it ?

We have what you are searching for to optimize the performance of your kart.

Our high innovative electronic shifting-system ME-SHIFTER F1,especially designed for karts, will allow you to win worthy tenths of seconds every lap in comparison to the conventional lever-shifting-system – combinated with excellent driving feelings.


ME-Shifter F1 complete package

  • SHIFTER F1 Process-Box
  • Electronic Control Unit KZ1-JT15
  • Wire Harness
  • Electronic F1 Shifting Paddle
  • Racing Powerpack 12V-6000 mAh (Light)
  • Powerpack -PK Charger
  • Aluminium Powerpack Holder
  • Shifting Rod with 1 uniball
  • Modular ME-SHIFTER F1 Holder with attach (90mm or 92mm)
  • Screw and Nuts
  • User Manual

Key points of the system

The system is compatible to all known 2 or 4 stroke shifter karts (also with motorcycle engines). Applicable to usual chassis-engine-combinations, a standard assembly-kit is include into the ME-SHIFTER F1 Package.
Racing parts are special parts. They subject to enormous stress, and that´s why manufacturers of racing parts often don´t issue a warranty on their products. The ME-SHIFTER F1is a highly stressed racing part too, the fact that it actuates about 3.000 times in only one racing day is only one example therefore.
Regardless of these facts, we issue a product warranty of 6 months on every MECHATRON KART product!
For the production of every device are only used quality components of well-known german suppliers. The robust connectors allow an IP-protection class of 54 which makes it possible to use the device even at worst weather conditions. Almost every device components are produced with modern cnc-technologies.
The ME-SHIFTER F1, an electronic shifting system for sequential gearboxes, has been designed especially for the karting-sports and therefore it is optimized to your shifter kart in regard of function, assembling and handling. The System is able to shift up or down your gearbox within a time of 50 milliseconds by pulling a F1 Shifting Paddle. At the same time the ignition is interrupted wherefore you may full-throttle during the shifting process and needn´t get down of the accelerator pedal.

ME-Shifter F1 Racing Evo

On the average (depends on track, driver and driving conditions) the laptimes can be improved of 0.7 to 1.8 seconds compared to conventional lever-shifting. The gain of time is explained primary by the advantage of having full control of the kart in every situation, because both hands stay at the steering-wheel – everytime !

Technical specifications

Voltage supply 12 V
Nominal current 45 A
Standby current 16 mA
Useable lever-force 300-450 N
Dimensions of the actuator (LxWxH) 130 x 80 x 50 mm
Weight of the actuator 995 g
IP-Protections class IP 54
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User Manual: ME Shifter F1