MECHATRON KART is a young, competent and ambitious company which is willing to design new and innovative electronic and mechatronic systems for karting applications (Hobby and Racing) and provide them to the international market. We follow our destination by observing the needs of our customers, drivers, racing-team-managers, mechanicals and dealers because only this is the way to improve security, comfort, reliability and performance of our products. We always keep on working hard to archieve these aims and provide high-performance technologies for moderate prices.

Actually, the ME-SHIFTER F1 Racing Evo, an Electronic F1 Shifting System for shifter karts, is the main product of our range. The device has been released in 2005 to a limited number of customers. Since release in 2005, the device passed several tests and has been continuously improved by our tests with hobby and racing drivers and the numerous feedbacks of many other customers worldwide. The international release for the ME-SHIFTER F1 Racing Evo was at February 12th, 2007 and we wish here to say thank you very much to all our customers, Hobby Drivers, Importers and Dealers for the confidence whom they granted to our product and to our collaboration since the marketing of our system in 2007.

In 2008 the best kart drivers of the world, like Jonathan THONON, Ken ALLEMANN, Francesco LAUDATO, Daniel MANCINELLI, Daniele DELLI COMPAGNI, Rick DREEZEN, Arnaud KOZLINSKI…. drove their kart equipped with the ME-SHIFTER F1. We are also very proud to count by our official MECHATRON KART development drivers the KZ1 European & World Champion, Jonathan THONON and the KZ2 Vice-European Champion Ken ALLEMANN.

The ME-SHIFTER F1 get the official CIK-FIA Agreement for KZ1 Class at 1.1.2008 and for his 1st year in the highest international kart level, obtain successful results. The ME-SHIFTER F1 is yet considered by numerous actors of the kart scene as the future of the shifterkart sport.

Today (2012), we work with a network of Importers & Dealers located in more than 35 countries all over the world. They promote and distribute our complete MECHATRON KART product range, from the ME-SHIFTER F1 Package for Karting but also our Formula Cars Package (conceived for all vehicules with motorcycles engines, like Suzuki, Kawazaki, Honda, Yamaha,… Formula Gloria, FSAE, Buggy, Baja, Kart Cross, Powerkarts..) and our Quad & ATV Package