2013-05-10 12:32:00 – ME Shifter F1

VROOM visits MECHATRON Factory

When the first sunbeams in this year announced the end of winter and all friends of karting were full of anticipation to getting started into the new season, we got a very welcome visit of our italian friends from VROOM Magazine, which we met 5 years ago in Rieti, Italy, to make the first track tests with professional drivers such as Daniele Delli Compagni and Francesco Laudato.

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This time, we met in our company to show how things evolved:

2015-06-15 21:47:00 – ME Shifter F1

Mechatron Tests

After some times of in house development based on detail improvements of the product, MECHATRON Kart is back at the track in these days to test different improvements to statisfy the demands of our customers.

The focus is now at perfectionizing the combination of the ME-SHIFTER F1 with the newest developments of the engine manufactures at the TAG segment with electrostarter engines. Our company therefore works close in collaboration with ignition and engine manufacturers to optimize the result in F1 Shifting experience.

Several problems, observed in the past, were focused and solved so far such as reed problems, exhaust detonation, problems with the ignition cut at different digital ignitions.

At the weekend of 13.06. / 14.06. the final Tests took place in Schaafheim, Germany, and lead to excellent results, driven with OK1 / IAME X30 Super Shifter 175cc and CRG / TM KZ10 ES. All improvements are implemented at the actual stock models of the ME-SHIFTER F1.

For more questions regarding ME-SHIFTER F1 and TAG Engines, do not hesitate to contact us.
mechatron testing in Schaafheim 2015

2013-01-17 19:45:00 – ME Shifter F1

EVO 13 Software

Right in time to get the Season 2013 started, the EVO 13 Model of the ME-SHIFTER F1 has been released.

New for this latest Version: The Software of the Servomotor Electronic Control Unit (ECU) has been completely renewed.

This Software is as efficient as never before and offers a wide range of Setup Options for the user. Up and Downshift can now be adjusted extremely accurate, to gain the last milliseconds of shifting time and match your application perfectly. On top, also the battery endurance can be improved with this new software.

Download ISP Mode PDF
To get more information, check out the new ISP manual

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