The EVO Software enables a new dimension of interacting with the system to adjust it perfectly to the driver’s needs. The theory behind this improvement is the philosophy, to give the driver full decision power of how to adjust the system to his Kart. With each 10 different Setups for up-and downshift (both can be confi gurated independently) plus 5 Setups for the Neutral finder, in overall the system theoretically enables 10×10 = 100 different Setup combinations, to reach the mechanical shifting-time limit at each and every possible chassis-engine combination. And for those who do not want to make that much configuration but only drive, the systems comes in the standard Setup, which uses to work great in most standard karting applications.


Driving in a rainstorm? No problem with the switches and connector type applied in the EVO shifting paddle. These are protection class IP67 making it able to use them under water without problems. Second, these new switches are actuated by a miniature steel plate which can be bent for adjusting. This way, the driver can adjust the “trigger point” of his paddle, making it react faster or slower, just at his needs.


The internal gearbox of the Servomotor was optimized regarding manufacturing details. Parts are now chipped out of a solid piece instead of sintering by metal powder. This significantly increased elasticity, making the Servomotor more robust for rough handling during a strenuous racing weekend.

Slightly but mentionable: We redesigned some other servomotor parts and reduced weight with optimized geometry and changing the material. The lever is now made of high-strength aluminum instead of steel, some internal parts changed their shape as well. Overall gain in weight: -0.112kg


By giving the Servomotor more intelligencen by new software functions, we found out that it is not wrong to also enable the driver to adjust it at his needs. So we developed the ISP Mode, which makes it possible to adjust the System in two different ways. First, the driver can choose from three different pre-programmed shifting characteristics, mainly to adapt either on kart (racing), kart (hobby) and formula/4-stroke engines. Second, the driver can also adjust the N-Gear selector, if necessary by hardware differences.

Do we care about looks? Yes we do! The shifting paddles appeared in a new, beautiful design. CNC-milled from thin aluminum plates, then black powder-coated and fi nally laser engraved.


Based on Francesco Laudato’s main criticism about the system, that at downshifts un-burnt fuel mixture gets through the combustion chamber due to the ignition which is cut off for a very short amount of time, the ignition cut now only takes place at up-shifts. This slightly improves the acceleration when getting back to a straight after a slow corner.

The Electronic Control Unit offers great possibilities of which actions the Servomotor can do. So why not using it? The Double Downshift function allows to quickly drop two gears by just holding the downshift paddle for 0,3 seconds. This way, the Servomotor does the downshift timing and the driver can focus on braking and prelude perfect cornering. The N-Gear control is used when getting back to the paddock or stopping at the grid before a start. Just hold the (-) paddle for 2 seconds and the servomotor inserts the N-gear without the need that the driver must care about any timing.